Hearing Aids & Hearing Assessments

Get your sense of hearing back

Our patient focused approach starts with a thorough assessment of you, your ears and hearing. We listen to your needs and take time to get to know your lifestyle. We will help you to better understand your hearing loss and offer clinical recommendations and hearing solutions to match.

Our goal is simple, we aim to improve your hearing and quality of life.

Book a hearing assessment with us and learn the benefits of better hearing with us. We have a variety of hearing aids and can help you to choose the best fit for you.

Discover Dr. Jeff’s expert audiological care aligned with exceptional hearing aid technology

Explore world-leading brands, like Phonak, Oticon and GN Resound. Rediscover sound with a hearing aid solution that’s best suited for you and choose from a selection of styles (and colours) providing you with a bespoke hearing experience and exceptional service every time.

Thankfully the days of large boxy beige hearing aids are gone, making way for a new digital era of more discreet, rechargeable, even smartphone connectable hearing aids. We align ourselves with manufacturers who invest countless hours of research and development in their products resulting in an ever-emerging landscape of new technologies and features. Luckily for you, Dr. Jeff is an audiology swat and likes to keep up-to-date with such matters.

We understand that it takes courage. Hearing loss can be very debilitating. Not only can it be detrimental to communication, but also relationships, work and education.

Quality of life can be knocked, confidence drained and you may feel increasingly isolated from social engagements. Seeking help and taking proactive steps to improve hearing takes courage and often time to recognise and acknowledge your symptoms.

Hearing aids can improve your ability to hear (1) speech, (2) speech in noise and (3) to localise sounds. Binaural listening improves perceived sound quality and reduces listener effort (Derleth et al. 2021). 

Interested in our hearing aids?

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Edwinstowe (Spoke Clinic)

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Private clinic accessed via Rebel Beauty & Aesthetics. On-street parking or East Lane / West Lane car parks nearby (free). 

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