Frequently Asked Questions

We are able to remove foreign bodies such as hearing aid domes and cotton bud tips. We will always start with a thorough examination to ensure it can be safely removed.  

If any otological conditions / symptoms are uncovered during your appointment, you will be advised accordingly. We work with a very experienced private ENT consultant who we can refer you to should you wish.

Patients can also request a written appointment summary of any discussions, actions and test results. This can be useful if seeking out further management.

Olive oil drops for two or three days can help with hard ear wax removal however it isn’t absolutely necessary for microsuction. We discourage the use of Otex and other chemical wax softeners which can often turn your ear wax to mush, making it far more difficult to remove.

The actual ear wax removal process via microsuction usually takes just a few seconds to minutes. We allow extra time for a thorough consultation, sanitisation and to ensure your comfort throughout. 

Our training model involves virtual pre-learning, a day of hands on 1:1 practical training in our clinic and follow up support. It is important that you see several patients and “ears” on the day of your practical training in order to maximise your training opportunity and start to build your confidence/competence. Your learning curve will continue well beyond your initial training. We also like to offer our trainees the chance to observe Dr. Jeff in practice before you start your practical training. This can really help to kick start the learning process.  

Wax removal can be undertaken safely on children. We see patients as young as six years old. Importantly, the child will be required to remain still and calm throughout. Adjustments such as sitting on the parents lap often help with this.  

Yes, we have trained a number of colleagues who haven’t built up the necessary skills to practice safely or perhaps haven’t had the opportunity to practice wax removal. In this instance, we can offer a safe and supportive training environment and access to suitable patients for further skill development.  

Book in for a full hearing assessment so we can conduct a thorough assessment of you and you’re hearing. From there, we can discuss hearing aid management options and recommend the most appropriate ones for you. In many cases, we can even fit you up with hearing aids in the hearing assessment appointment and let you try them out before making your decision to purchase.

At Ear Care Specialists, we only focus on premium hearing aid technologies which simply cannot be found through the NHS. Moreover, we aren’t restricted by fixed appointment times or waiting list pressures. Our patients enjoy exceptional and continuous care without waiting weeks or months to be seen.

NHS audiology services provide free hearing aids of reasonable quality. In fact, we often encourage patients to try NHS hearing aids so they can get a feel for what they are like first hand. This can serve as a baseline comparison for any subsequent hearing aids.

The procedure shouldn’t cause any pain. Mild discomfort can be experienced if the wax is hard. We encourage the use of drops prior to your appointment, although this isn’t always necessary.