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Ear Care Specialists is led by Dr Jeff Davies, a RCCP/HCPC registered audiologist with over a decade of experience working in both NHS and private sector. We can also provide appointments out of hours, do get in touch to arrange.
Registered Audiologist, performing ear wax removal.

Audiology Services

We offer a complete range of audiology services for both adults and children. These include hearing & tinnitus assessment. Hearing aids and tinnitus management. Custom ear protection and ear wax removal. BPPV / dizziness assessment and management.

Hearing Assessment

A comprehensive hearing assessment including video otoscopy, wax removal (as necessary) middle ear evaluation and pure tone audiometry. Tinnitus evaluation and hearing aid management can be discussed as required.

Time: 75 minutes  |  £119.00

Ear Wax Removal

Using magnification and light to visualise your ear, gentle suction is applied to remove the ear wax (microsuction). This is a dry method which does not require the pre-application of oil drops, although they can often help in cases of hard wax. 

Time: 45 minutes  |  £79.00

We provide a blended approach to ear wax removal training, that makes it as simple as 1,2,3.

Trainees will initially be taught virtually and given comprehensive e-learning resources before attending a full day of microsuction and simple extraction (probes and forceps) training in our very own training hub.

Microsuction Training for Ear Wax Removal. Students use sophisticated ear simulators and synthetic wax.

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